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  • 29 - Elektrotechnik

Electrical engineering in general (ICS 29.020)

Draft National technical regulation on safety and electromagnetic compatibility for electrical and electronic equipment (16 page(s), in Vietnamese)

This draft technical regulation specifies safety requirements, electromagnetic compatibility and management requirements for electrical and electronic equipment specified in the list of electrical and electronic equipment in Annex 1 and Annex 2 of this draft technical Regulation and those within the the scope of application of the corresponding standards specified in that list. The following types of equipment are not covered by this draft technical regulation 

- Electrical equipment using 3-phase AC power source; 

 - Exhaust fans, ducted fans (Duct fans) with rated power consumption above 125 W; 

 - Electrical equipment operating with a one-way power source (electrical equipment that can operate in two modes using a one-way source or a mode of using an AC source is still within the scope of application of this technical regulation) 

 - Refrigerators, freezers, freezers with total nominal capacity of over 1,000 Litters; 

 - Washing machines and clothes dryers with a capacity of over 15 kg; 

- Water heaters with a capacity of over 50 Litters; 

- Water pumps with a rated capacity of over 2 kW; 

 - Air conditioning parts used in air conditioning systems with main equipment using 3-phase power source. 

This draft technical regulation applies to organizations and individuals producing and trading electrical equipment, state management agencies and other relevant organizations and individuals.  This draft technical regulation shall replace QCVN 4: 2009/BKHCN and Amendment 1: 2016 QCVN 4: 2009/BKHCN and QCVN 9: 2012/BKHCN and Amendment 1: 2018 QCVN 9: 2012/BKHCN