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Wood Preservative Products, compounds contain insecticide or fungicide contents (HS 38039910)

The draft National technical regulation on Wood Preservatives – Part 1: Water-borne Preservatives (9 page(s), in Vietnamese)

The draft national technical regulation on Wood Preservatives specifies the quality criteria and usage conditions for the water-borne wood preservatives.

This draft technical regulation does not apply to wood preservatives which are testing samples, displaying samples, temporarily imported for exported and in transit.  

This draft technical regulation applies to:

·           Domestic and foreign organizations, individuals manufacturing, trading, exporting and importing water-borne wood preservatives in the territory of Vietnam.

·           State management agencies, concerned organizations and individuals for the quality of related products.

·           Organizations auditing and declaring the conformity of water-borne wood preservatives products.  

This draft national technical regulation stipulating responsibilities of organizations, individuals and implementing organizations of managing agencies.