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  • 91 - Bauwesen, Baustoffe

Lifts. Escalators (ICS 91.140.90)

Draft National technical regulation on safety for lifts (43 page(s), in Vietnamese)

This draft technical regulation applies to all types of electric elevators (those with machine room or machine room less elevators) and hydraulic elevators used to carry people, goods or carry passengers (hereinafter referred to as elevator) operated by frictional, forced or hydraulic drive, serving the specified stop, having a cabin designed to carry people or people and goods suspended by cable, chain or raised by jack and movement between guide rails with vertical tilt angle does not exceed 15o.

For elevators used in special cases (elevators used for people with disabilities, fire cases, environmental risks of fire, extreme weather conditions, seismic conditions, transportation Dangerous goods ...), in addition to meeting the requirements of this regulation, elevators must also ensure specialized legal regulations issued by the competent authority.

This standard does not apply to elevators which:

a)         Have a rated speed ≤ 0.15 m/s;

b)         Hydraulic ladder with rated speed exceeding 1 m/s;

c)         Hydraulic ladder if adjusting pressure relief valve in excess of 50 MPa; 

d)         Lifting equipment, reel type, lift elevator, stage elevator, automatic bucket lifting equipment, lifting barrels, lifting machines and hoists for construction sites of public buildings and buildings, winches lifting on ships, exploration platforms or offshore drilling, construction and maintenance equipment or elevators in wind turbines.