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Animal feed

Draft Circular on Guidelines for animal feed management, under Viet Nam's Animal Husbandry Law No. 32/2018/QH14. Language(s): Vietnamese. Number of pages: 30

This Draft Circular provides Guidelines for the management of animal feed specified in Clause 4 of Article 37; Clause 1 of Article 44; Clause 2 of Article 46; Point đ, Clause 2 of Article 48; and Point c, Clause 2 of Article 79 of Viet Nam's Animal Husbandry Law, including:

-         Principles of animal feed sampling;

-         Animal feed labelling;

-         Regulations on reporting the state of animal feed production;

-         Specifying mandatory quality requirements of feed standards included in applicable standards; 

-         Issuing a list of banned substances in animal feed and a list of materials which can be used as feed ingredient in Viet Nam.