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  • 65 - Landwirtschaft

Livestock feeds, live animals and livestock products (meat, poultry eggs, milk, wool, honey, slaughter by-products, etc.), products used for livestock waste treatment

Draft Decree on Guidelines for Implementation of Animal Husbandry Law. Language(s): Vietnamese. Number of pages: 53 including 34 of appendices

The Draft Decree is providing detailed guidelines for some clauses stipulated by Animal Husbandry Law and measures for implementation of the Law. The clauses guided in detail in the Draft are related to:

a)    Livestock breed management: Promulgation of the list of livestock breeds to be conserved and the list of livestock breeds banned from exportation;

b)    Livestock feed management: Conditions and procedures of licensing of feed production, feed importation, use of antibiotics in livestock, feed quality inspection;

c)    Animal husbandry management: Farming size, livestock density of eco-zones, procedures for licensing livestock farming, regulations on rearing swiftlets, sika deer;

d)    Importation of livestock and their products; 

e)    Regulations on livestock waste treating products.

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