US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
  • 13 - Umwelt, Gesundheitsschutz, Sicherheit
  • 97 - private und kommerzielle Hauswirtschaft, Unterhaltung, Sport
  • 84 - Kernreaktoren, Kessel, Maschinen, Apparate und mechanische Geräte; Teile dieser Maschinen oder Apparate

Consumer furnaces; Furnace burners for liquid fuel, for pulverised solid fuel or for gas; mechanical stokers, including their mechanical grates, mechanical ash dischargers and similar appliances. (HS code(s): 8416); Environmental protection (ICS code(s): 13.020); Domestic, commercial and industrial heating appliances (ICS code(s): 97.100)

Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Consumer Furnaces

On 7 July 2022, the U.S. Department of Energy ("DOE" or "the Department") published in the Federal Register a notice of proposed rulemaking ("NOPR") for amending the energy conservation standards for certain consumer furnaces, specifically non-weatherized gas furnaces ("NWGF") and mobile home gas furnaces ("MHGF"). In response to requests by several interested parties, the U.S. Department of Energy ("DOE") is making available a revised version of the life- cycle-cost ("LCC") spreadsheet supporting that NOPR and also announcing a public meeting webinar to assist stakeholders with operation of the LCC spreasheet. In addition, DOE received four requests to extend the public comment period for the NOPR (originally set to close 6 September 2022), and after considering those requests, the Department has decided to extend the public comment period until 6 October 2022.

DATES: Comments: The comment period for the NOPR published in the Federal Register on 7 July 2022 (87 FR 40590) is extended until 6 October 2022. Written comments, data, and information are requested and will be accepted on and before 6 October 2022. See section II, "Public Participation," of this document for details.