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  • 13 - Umwelt, Gesundheitsschutz, Sicherheit
  • 97 - private und kommerzielle Hauswirtschaft, Unterhaltung, Sport
  • 63 - Andere konfektionierte Spinnstoffwaren; Warenzusammenstellungen; Altwaren und Lumpen

Corded windowcoverings. Curtains (including drapes) and interior blinds; curtain or bed valances.(HS: 6303). Domestic safety (ICS: 13.120), Home textiles. Linen (ICS: 97.160)

Corded Window Coverings; Request for Comments and Information

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has determined preliminarily that custom window coverings with accessible operating cords that are longer than 8 inches pose an unreasonable risk of strangulation to children 8 years old and younger. To address this risk of strangulation, the Commission proposes a rule under the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) to require that operating cords on custom window coverings meet the same requirements as operating cords on stock window coverings, as set forth in the applicable voluntary standard. Thus, the rule proposes that operating cords on custom window coverings must be cordless, inaccessible, or 8 inches or shorter in length in any use position. If finalized, operating cords on custom window coverings would require testing and certification to the rule under section 14 of the CPSA. Moreover, operating cords on custom window coverings that meet the definition of a "children's product" would require third-party testing by a CPSC-accredited third party conformity assessment body. Accordingly, the rule also proposes to amend the Commission's regulation on requirements pertaining to third party conformity assessment bodies to add "Safety Standard for Operating Cords on  Custom Window Coverings'' to the list of rules that require third party testing.