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Packaged terminal airconditioners (PTACs) and packaged terminal heat pumps (PTHPs). Air conditioning machines,comprising a motor-driven fan and elements for changing the temperature and humidity,including those machines in which the humidity cannot be separately regulated. (HS 8415), -- Compression type units whose condensers are heat exchangers

(HS 841861).Environmental protection (ICS 13.020), Ventilators. Fans. Air-conditioners (ICS 23.120),Heat pumps (ICS 27.080).

Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps

The Energy Policy and Conservation Act, as amended ("EPCA"), prescribes energy conservation standards for various consumer products and certain commercial and industrial equipment, including Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners ("PTACs") and Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps ("PTHPs"). EPCA also requires the U.S. Department of Energy ("DOE") to periodically review standards. In this notification of proposed determination ("NOPD"), DOE has preliminarily determined that it lacks clear and convincing evidence that more-stringent standards for PTACs and PTHPs would be economically justified. As such, DOE has preliminarily determined that energy conservation standards for PTACs and PHTPs do not need to be amended. DOE requests comment on this proposed determination and the associated analyses and results.