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Industrial equipment (HS 8415, 8418.61, 8514.10-83, 8516; ICS 13.020, 23.120, 27.080, 97.100)

Energy Conservation Program for Certain Industrial Equipment: Energy Conservation Standards and Test Procedures for Commercial Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Water-Heating Equipment

The Energy Policy and Conservation Act ("EPCA"), as amended, prescribes energy conservation standards for various consumer products and certain commercial and industrial equipment, including evaporatively-cooled commercial package air conditioners and water-cooled commercial package air conditioners (referred to as evaporatively-cooled commercial unitary air conditioners ("ECUACs") and water-cooled commercial unitary air conditioners ("WCUACs") in this document). EPCA also requires the U.S. Department of Energy ("DOE") to periodically determine whether more stringent, amended standards would result in significant additional conservation of energy, be technologically feasible, and be economically justified. In this notice of proposed determination ("NOPD"), DOE has tentatively determined that the standards for small (cooling capacity less than 135,000 Btu/h), large (cooling capacity greater than or equal to 135,000 and less than 240,000 Btu/h), and very large (cooling capacity greater than or equal to 240,000 and less than 760,000 Btu/h) ECUACs and WCUACs do not need to be amended, and DOE requests comment on this proposed determination and the associated analyses and results.