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Crop Group 25: Herb Group and Crop Group 26: Spice Group

Tolerance Crop Grouping Program V, Pesticide Tolerances. Proposed Rule. Language(s): English. Number of pages: 23

EPA is proposing revisions to its pesticide tolerance crop grouping regulations, which allow the establishment of tolerances for multiple related crops based on data from a representative set of crops. EPA is proposing to revise one commodity definition, add three new commodity definitions, and amend the current herbs and spices crop group currently provided in Crop Group 19. The crops in the current "Crop Group 19: Herbs and Spices Group" will be separated into two new crop groups, "Crop Group 25: Herb Group" and "Crop Group 26: Spice Group". Once final, these revisions will increase the utility and benefit of the crop grouping system for producers and other stakeholders involved in commercial agriculture. This is the fifth in a series of planned crop group updates expected to be prepared over the next several years.