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  • 83 - Gummiindustrie, Kunststoffindustrie

Tires; Tyres (ICS 83.160)

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Tires (10 page(s), in English)

NHTSA is issuing this Advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) to seek comment on provisions contained in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for tires. NHTSA is reviewing existing regulations to determine if updates are necessary to keep pace with new technology. This notice focuses on tire-related comments received to the DOT's regulatory review and request for public comment notice issued on 2 October 2017. NHTSA seeks comment on matters related to the existing strength test, the bead unseating resistance test, and the tire endurance test. Lastly, the agency seeks comment on the current use and relevance of some tire marking regulations and other matters related to new tire technologies. Comments to this notice will inform NHTSA as it considers regulatory reform aimed at reducing regulatory burden while maintaining existing safety levels for motor vehicle tires.