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Appliances, consumer products, commercial/industrial equipment; Standardization. General rules (ICS 01.120), Test conditions and procedures in general (ICS 19.020), Domestic electrical appliances in general (ICS 97.030), Environmental protection (ICS 13.020).

Energy Conservation Program for Appliance Standards: Proposed Procedures for Use in New or Revised Energy Conservation Standards and Test Procedures for Consumer Products and Commercial/Industrial Equipment (44 page(s), in English)

The U.S. Department of Energy ("DOE" or "the Department") proposes to update and modernize the Department's current rulemaking methodology titled, "Procedures, Interpretations, and Policies for Consideration of New or Revised Energy Conservation Standards for Consumer Products" ("Process Rule"). In overview, in this document, DOE is proposing to clarify that the Process Rule applies to the establishment of new or revised energy conservation standards and test procedures for both consumer products and commercial/industrial equipment. This proposed rule would make the specified rulemaking procedures binding on DOE, and it would also revise language in certain provisions to make it consistent with the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 ("EPCA"), as amended, and other applicable law. It also proposes to expand early opportunities for public input on the Appliance Program's priority setting and rulemaking activities, to define a significant energy savings threshold for updating energy conservation standards, to commit to publishing final test procedures at least 180 days in advance of a standards proposal, and to delineate procedures for rulemaking under the separate direct final rule and negotiated rulemaking authorities, among other issues. DOE may consider additional changes to the Process Rule in a future proceeding. In addition to requesting written comments on its proposal, DOE will also hold a public meeting at DOE Headquarters to discuss this proposal and obtain additional input.