US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie
  • 22 - Getränke, alkoholische Flüssigkeiten und Essig

Wine, distilled spirits, and malt beverages; Beer made from malt. (HS 2203), Wine of fresh grapes, including fortified wines; grape must other than that of heading 20.09. (HS 2204), Vermouth and other wine of fresh grapes flavoured with plants or aromatic substances. (HS 2205), Other fermented beverages (for example, cider, perry, mead); mixtures of fermented beverages and mixtures of fermented beverages and non-alcoholic beverages, not elsewhere specified or included. (HS 2206), Undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of 80% vol or higher; ethyl alcohol and other spirits, denatured, of any strength. (HS 2207), Undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of less than 80% vol; spirits, liqueurs and other spirituous beverages. (HS 2208). Beverages (ICS 67.160).

Modernization of the Labeling and Advertising Regulations for Wine, Distilled Spirits, and Malt Beverages (132 page(s), in English)

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is proposing to amend its regulations governing the labeling and advertising of wine, distilled spirits, and malt beverages. TTB proposes to reorganize and recodify these regulations in order to simplify and clarify regulatory standards, incorporate guidance documents and current policy into the regulations, and reduce the regulatory burden on industry members where possible.