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Materials containing radionuclides of natural origin

Draft Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "On Approval of the State Sanitary Norms and Rules "Basic Safety Standards for Handling Materials Containing Radionuclides of Natural Origin""; (42 page(s), in Ukrainian)

The draft Order provides for the establishment of requirements for radiation protection in exposure situations, in handling incidental radioactive materials, as well as for the protection of humans from indoor exposure to radon, air and natural radionuclides in construction materials.

In particular, the requirements are provided for radiation safety indicators at the stage of selection of a land plot, design, construction, reconstruction, commissioning of buildings and structures; limitation of radionuclide content in water of drinking water supply sources; limitation of natural radionuclide content in mineral fertilizers and agrochemicals; radiation safety indicators of products containing natural radionuclides; ensuring radiation safety when handling mineral raw materials with a high content of natural radionuclides; ensuring radiation safety in the management of industrial residues with a high content of natural radionuclides.