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Draft Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Population against Infectious Diseases" Regarding the Issue of State Registration of Disinfectants"; (7 page(s), in Ukrainian)

The draft Law is aimed at regulating the issues of state registration of disinfectants, improving the procedure for state registration of disinfectants through confirmation of their effectiveness (specific activities) and expert examination of dossiers for disinfectants during their state registration.

The draft Law also determines the list of documents to be submitted for state registration and expert examination, the main requirements for the expert report on the results of the examination, the content of the decision on state registration of disinfectants, the grounds for refusal in state registration of a disinfectant.

After the draft Law is adopted, Procedure for the state registration of disinfectants will be developed and approved. The Procedure will determine the order of the state registration and re-registration of disinfectants, in particular, requirements to the application for the state registration of disinfection agent, registration dossier and other documents submitted for the purposes of the state registration of the disinfection agent, research (tests) required for the state registration of disinfection agents, short characteristic of a disinfection agent, leaflet (instruction for use), marking (label), expert conclusion, change of conditions, termination, cancellation of the state registration of disinfection agents, form and procedure for maintaining the State Register of disinfectants.