UG Uganda
  • 59 - Textil- u. Lederindustrie

Textiles; Textiles in general (ICS 59.080.01).

DUS 426:2018, The labelling and marking of textiles and household textile articles, Second Edition (26 page(s), in English)

This Draft Uganda Standard makes recommendations for direct marking on textile piece-goods of information that facilitates their correct invoicing and use subsequent to their manufacture. It also specifies alternative methods for designating the fibre content of textiles and textile products and for applying this information to made-up products, piece-goods and yarns. It also specifies the methods to be used for determining the fibre content of textiles and textile products. It includes recommendations for the labelling of each piece of textile fabric and for the marking of bulk containers in order to facilitate identification, inspection, invoicing, stock control, and any further process control during the subsequent manufacture of textile articles, for example control during the cut, make and trim of apparel.