UG Uganda
  • 29 - Elektrotechnik
  • 27 - Mineralische Brennstoffe, Mineralöle und Erzeugnisse ihrer Destillation; bituminöse Stoffe; Mineralwachse

Electrical Insulating Oil; Medium oils and preparations, of petroleum or bituminous minerals, not containing biodiesel, n.e.s (HS 271019); Insulating oils (ICS 29.040.10)

DUS 2361:2021,Standard Test Method for 2,6-di-tert-Butyl- p-Cresol and 2,6-di-tert-Butyl Phenol in Electrical Insulating Oil by Infrared Absorption, First Edition (12 page(s), in English)

This Draft Uganda Standards covers the determination of the weight percent of 2,6-ditertiary-butyl paracresol (DBPC) and 2,6-ditertiary-butyl phenol (DBP) in new or used electrical insulating oil in concentrations up to 0.5 % by measuring its absorbance at the specified wavelengths in the infrared spectrum.

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