UG Uganda
  • 61 - Bekleidungsindustrie
  • 42 - Lederwaren; Sattlerwaren; Reiseartikel, Handtaschen und ähnliche Behältnisse; Waren aus Därmen

Leather, Fibreboards; Articles of leather or composition leather (excl. saddlery and harness bags; cases and similar containers; apparel and clothing accessories; whips, riding-crops and similar of heading 6602; furniture; lighting appliances; toys; games; sports articles; buttons and parts thereof; cuff links, bracelets or other imitation jewellery; made-up articles of netting of heading 5608; and articles of plaiting materials) (HS 4205); Footwear (ICS 61.060)

DUS 674:2021, Determination of wet compressibility of leather and fibreboards, Second Edition (9 page(s), in English)

This draft Uganda Standard specifies a method for the determination of wet compressibility of leather and fibre boards.