UG Uganda
  • 77 - Metallurgie
  • 72 - Eisen und Stahl

Hot‑rolled steel sheet; Flat-rolled products of alloy steel other than stainless, of a width of >= 600 mm, hot-rolled or cold-rolled "cold-reduced" (HS 7225); Other iron and steel products (ICS 77.140.99)

US EAS 415:2020, Hot-rolled steel sheet of high yield stress structural quality, First Edition. (16 page(s), in English)

This Uganda Standard applies to hot-rolled steel sheet of high yield stress structural quality in the grades and classes listed in Tables 1 and 2, with the use of microalloying elements. The product is intended for structural purposes where particular mechanical properties are required. It is generally used in the delivered condition and is intended for bolted, riveted or welded structures. This Uganda Standard does not cover steel intended for boilers or pressure vessels, steels designated as commercial quality or drawing qualities (ISO 3573, Hot-rolled carbon steel sheet of commercial and drawing qualities), steels to be rerolled to cold-reducing products, steels designated as weathering steels, having increased atmospheric corrosion resistance or steels having improved formability properties compared with those in this document.