UG Uganda
  • 59 - Textil- u. Lederindustrie
  • 41 - Häute, Felle (andere als Pelzfelle) und Leder

Sole leather; Leather "incl. parchment-dressed leather" of the portions, strips or sheets of hides and skins of bovine "incl. buffalo" or equine animals, further prepared after tanning or crusting, without hair on (excl. unsplit full grains leather, grain splits leather, chamois leather, patent leather and patent laminated leather, and metallized leather) (HS 410799); Leather and furs (ICS 59.140.30)

DUS 630:2020, Vegetable-tanned bend outer sole leather — Specification, Second Edition. (12 page(s), in English)

This draft Uganda standard specifies requirements, sampling and methods of test for vegetable-tanned bend outer sole leather.