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Contaminants in Foods

AFDC 27 (6606) P3 Code of practice for the prevention and reduction of inorganic tin contamination in canned foods. Language(s): English. Number of pages: 5

This code of practice recommends the good practice for the prevention and reduction of solely migration of inorganic tin from the internally plain (i.e. not lacquered) tin coating of tinplate cans in canned foods. Compliance with this code does not confer immunity from relevant statutory and legal requirements

This code of practice is applicable to thermally processed canned human foods (including fruit and vegetable juices) which are packed into plain tinplate cans. It is considered that this description covers both:

i.          Hot fill and hold products; and,

ii.         Hot or cold fill and retort products. 

This code of practice is not intended to apply to tin exposure from any other source and is specific to inorganic tin. Also dry goods and 100% oil products are not included, because they do not experience tin migration