TZ Tansania
  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie
  • 12 - Ölsaaten und ölhaltige Früchte; verschiedene Samen und Früchte; Pflanzen zum Gewerbe- oder Heilgebrauch; Stroh und Futter

Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, whether or not broken (excl. edible nuts, olives, soya beans, groundnuts, copra, linseed, rape or colza seeds, sunflower seeds, palm nuts and kernels, cotton, castor oil, sesamum, mustard, safflower, melon and poppy seeds) (HS code(s): 120799); Oilseeds (ICS code(s): 67.200.20)

AFDC 19(1716), Raw and roasted hazelnut kernels – Specification. Language(s): English. Number of pages: 6

This Tanzania Standard specifies the requirements, sampling and methods of test for raw and roasted hazelnut kernels derived from hazelnut fruit (Corylus avellana L.) intended for human consumption.