TZ Tansania
  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie
  • 15 - Tierische und pflanzliche Fette und Öle; Erzeugnisse ihrer Spaltung; zubereitete Speisefette; Wachse tierischen oder pflanzlichen Ursprungs

Other animal fats and oils and their fractions, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified (HS code(s): 1506); Oilseeds (ICS code(s): 67.200.20)

AFDC 04(1458) DTZS, Edible pistachio oil – Specification. Language(s): English. Number of pages: 7

This Tanzania Standard specifies the requirements, sampling and testing methods for pistachio oil derived from the kernel of pistachio fruit (Pistacia vera L.) intended for human consumption.