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  • 55 - Verpackung, Transport
  • 79 - Holzbearbeitung

Wood Packaging Material

Regulation Concerning The Subjection Of Wooden Package Materials To Heat Treatment Process And Their Marking; (63 page(s), in Turkish), (65 page(s), in English)

The objective of this Regulation is to determine the necessary methods and basis in order to prevent the transmission and spreading of pest organisms through wooden package materials.

This Regulation covers principles regarding the heat treatment application and ISPM 15 marking and traceability marking on wooden packaging materials to be used in export, issuance of permit certificates, licensed businesses, non-permitted businesses, suppliers, users, HT/DH heat treatment furnace installation permit and marking apparatus sales permit, inspection and responsibilities of the businesses and the inspection of wooden packaging materials; in order to prevent the spread of harmful organisms carried with packaging materials made of wood.

It covers the principles regarding only the production stages completed wooden packaging materials and the elimination of harmful organisms.

It introduces the security hologram application which is explained in Article 3 and 4.

As of 30/06/2024, countries selling products to Türkiye are required to include information on the wooden packaging materials they use with the product on the invoice. Or, the heat treatment graph/printout/report of the heat treatment application of the ISPM 15 mark on the wooden packaging material should be attached to the invoice of the exported product as it is explained in Article 8.