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Product and company certification. Conformity assessment (ICS code(s): 03.120.20)

Amendments to the Law No. 7060 Certain Regulations Regarding Halal Accreditation Agency.; (1 page(s), in English and Turkish)

Halal certification and compliance with halal standards are voluntary in Türkiye. However, it is a requirement of the public interest that a halal certified product or service to be reliable, not subject to change and that marking, labelling and certification of product are carried out in a way that does not mislead the consumers.

It is essential that halal certification activities are regularly assessed by an independent and competent public authority in order to ensure that the products and services certified for "compliance with halal requirements" do not provide false and misleading information to the consumers. The Halal Accreditation Agency is the sole public institution legally authorized to provide accreditation services in the field of halal in Türkiye.

With the envisaged arrangements, it is aimed to maintain the voluntary basis for halal conformity assessment activities but to notify the consumers correctly and to contribute to the public welfare via taking such activities under the assurance of halal accreditation. In this regard, prevention of both the halal certification activities of non-assessed certification bodies and the circulation of unreliable halal certificates in the market are targeted.

Also, administrative fines to be applied to organizations for violating the provisions of the Law via carrying out halal accreditation activities as well as performing halal conformity assessment activities without halal accreditation assessments and accreditation status are regulated.