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Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Pasta. Language(s): Turkish. Number of pages: 3

This Communiqué covers product definitions, compositions criteria and labelling requirements of Pasta.

The current communiqué, Turkish Food Codex- Communiqué on Pasta (2002/20), is still in force in Turkey. In accordance with the national legislation, this draft communiqué will enter into force on the date of publication and replace the current communiqué. Turkish Food Codex Pasta Communiqué and the new draft require that only durum wheat (Triticum durum) must be used in pasta production. Triticum aestivum on the other hand shall not be used in pasta production. However, it is quite likely that Triticum aestivum might be found in durum wheat either from fields or harvesting machines.

Considering the scientific studies on the subject, the limit of Triticum aestivum that might be found in pasta was determined as 3% in the Communiqué draft. A transitional period is foreseen for the compliance with the new provisions.