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  • 25 - Salz; Schwefel; Erden und Steine; Gips, Kalk und Zement

2523.29. Other portland cements 2523.90 Other hydraulic cements; Portland cement (excl. white, whether or not artificially coloured) (HS 252329); Cement, whether or not coloured (excl. portland cement and aluminous cement) (HS 252390)

Proposal for Amendments to the Legal Inspection Requirements for Cement; (2 page(s), in English), (1 page(s), in Chinese)

With a view to enhancing the quality of cements, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) is proposing to adopt the updated version of CNS 15286 "Blended hydraulic cements," to its current version, published in 2022, as the inspection standard. The main change of CNS 15286 is that Type IL-Portland-limestone cement and Type IT-Ternary blended cement are added in the classification of blended hydraulic cements. Portland-limestone cement shall be hydraulic cement in which its limestone content is more than 5% but less than or equal to 15% by mass of the blended cement.

The conformity assessment procedures remain the same, i.e. Monitoring Inspection (MI) or Monitoring Inspection of Products from Premises with Registered Management System (MS-Based Monitoring Inspection).