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Asbestos-containing products

Draft of Restrictions on the Importing of Asbestos-Containing Products; (2 page(s), in English and Chinese)

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) announced asbestos as a Class 2 toxic chemical substance on 1 May 1989. Relevant regulations for handling of asbestos have been amended several times, and the use of asbestos has gradually been restricted. The use of asbestos (such as domestic manufacture of asbestos-containing products) is currently prohibited except for research, experimentation, and educational purposes.

As for the control of asbestos-containing products, numerous alternatives to asbestos-containing products are already available. Therefore, to align with the international trend, the EPA is further restricting the import of asbestos-containing products to achieve the goal of maintaining environmental safety. Restrictions on the importing of asbestos-containing products will take effect from the date of the announcement.