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Fire-retardant Construction Materials

- Fire-retardant hard fiberboards (HS:441192);

- Fire-retardant insulation fiberboards (HS:441194);

- Dressed rockwool boards for acoustic use (HS:6806.90);

- Cement bonded wool and flake boards, cement bonded wood and flake boards (HS: 680800);

- Gypsum boards (HS:6809.11); - Fiber cement boards, decorative exterior panel of fiber reinforced cement sidings, calcium silicate boards, slag gypsum boards (HS: 681182).

Proposal for Amendments to the Inspection Requirements for Fire-retardant Construction Materials; (8 page(s), in Chinese), (2 page(s), in English)

With a view to enhancing the performance of fire-retardant construction materials, which are currently subject to mandatory inspection, to protect consumers, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) is proposing to update the inspection standards for fiber cement boards, gypsum boards, cement bonded wood-wool and flake boards, hard fiberboards, Insulation fiberboards, fiber reinforced cement sidings, fiber reinforced cement boards, regenerated fiber cement boards and sound absorbing materials to their current versions, published in 2017.

The BSMI also proposes to adopt the procedure of Type-Approved Batch Inspection (TABI) in place of Monitoring Inspection to speed up customs clearance. The alternative procedure of Registration of Product Certification (Modules II+IV, II+V, or II+VII) is still available for business operators to choose depending on their needs. Magnesium oxide boards, perlite boards and rock wool sheathing boards are proposed to be deleted from the mandatory inspection scope.