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  • 84 - Kernreaktoren, Kessel, Maschinen, Apparate und mechanische Geräte; Teile dieser Maschinen oder Apparate
  • 85 - Elektrische Maschinen und Apparate und andere elektrotechnische Waren sowie Teile davon; Tonaufnahme- oder Tonwiedergabegeräte, Fernsehbild- und Fernsehtonaufzeichnungs- oder -wiedergabegeräte sowie Teile und Zubehör für diese Geräte

Air-cleaning Appliances (inspection scope: only those using with a filter net, electrostatic precipitator, negative ionizer, ozone generator, ultra-violet light or photo-catalyst as purifying methods and rated voltage not exceeding 250V, exclusive of those mounted in ducts or using air exchanging system with outdoor air convection or medical devices specified by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act) HS: 8421.; 8543.; 8543.; Centrifuges, incl. centrifugal dryers (excl. those for isotope separation); filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus, for liquids or gases; parts thereof (excl. artificial kidneys) (HS 8421); Electrical machines and apparatus, having individual functions, n.e.s. in chapter 85 and parts thereof (HS 8543)

Proposal for amendments to the legal inspection requirements for air-cleaning appliances (5 page(s), in English; 3 page(s), in Chinese)

In line with the energy policy, the BSMI proposes to require that air-cleaning appliances be subject to CNS 16098: 2019. The measured efficiency and standby power shall comply with the Table of "MEPS for Air Cleaners" as stated in "Requirements on Minimum Energy Performance Standard, Energy Efficiency Rating Labelling and Inspection for Air Cleaners" to be adopted by the Bureau of Energy, which was notified as G/TBT/N/TPKM/451.

The conformity assessment procedures for products subject to this notified measure remain the same, i.e. Registration of Products Certification (RPC) or Type-Approved Batch Inspection (TABI).