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Commodities governed by the Commodity Labeling Act that exclude food, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol, pesticides, grains, feeds and environmental agents.

Draft Amendment to Commodity Labeling Act (4 page(s), in English; 3 page(s), in Chinese)

The last amendment to the Commodity Labeling Act was published on 26 January 2011. However, there has been rapid commercial development in the recent years, such as online shopping becoming one of the major shopping methods for consumers and electronic labeling gradually being prevalent. As per the current Commodity Labeling Act, the only measure for dealing with the breach of labeling requirements is to issue notice for rectification that require the business operators to correct label before a time limit. If the rectification is not made before a time limit, penalty may be imposed. This measure is found hard to achieve effective management. In response to the modern commercial environment and in order to protect the consumers' right to know, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has conducted a full review to amend the Commodity Labeling Act.