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  • 85 - Elektrische Maschinen und Apparate und andere elektrotechnische Waren sowie Teile davon; Tonaufnahme- oder Tonwiedergabegeräte, Fernsehbild- und Fernsehtonaufzeichnungs- oder -wiedergabegeräte sowie Teile und Zubehör für diese Geräte

Double-capped LED Lamps (CCC Code: 8539.; Electric filament or discharge lamps, including sealed beam lamp units and ultra-violet or infra-red lamps; arc-lamps (HS 8539)

Proposal for Legal Inspection Requirements for Double-capped LED Lamps (4 page(s), in English; 3 page(s), in Chinese)

The use of double-capped LED lamps is becoming prevalent in domestic households. To enhance consumer protection and promote efficiency of energy use, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) proposes to regulate double-capped LED lamps in aspects of safety (CNS 15438, CNS 15829, CNS 15983 or CNS 62931), performance (CNS 16027), EMC (CNS 14115) and use of hazardous substances (Section 5 of CNS 15663). The conformity assessment procedure will be Registration of Product Certification Scheme (Module II+III) or Type-approved Batch Inspection Scheme.