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  • 90 - Optische, fotografische oder kinematografische Instrumente, Apparate und Geräte; Mess-, Prüf- oder Präzisionsinstrumente, -apparate und -geräte; medizinische und chirurgische Instrumente, Apparate und Geräte; Teile und Zubehör für diese

Sunglasses and lens of sunglasses; - Spectacle lenses of glass (HS 900140), - Spectacle lenses of other materials (HS 900150), - Sunglasses (HS 900410)

Proposal for amendment to the inspection requirements for sunglasses and lens of sunglasses (2 page(s), in English; 1 page(s), in Chinese)

With a view to enhancing the performance of sunglasses and lens of sunglasses, which are currently subject to mandatory inspection, to meet the needs of consumers, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection is proposing to update the inspection standard CNS 15067 to its current version, published on 18 February 2017. Test items of these products being affected by such an update will involve aspects of transmittance, spectral transmittance, detection of light signal, refractive power, construction, filter materials and surface quality, information and labeling, etc. The conformity assessment procedure remains unchanged, i.e. Declaration of Conformity.