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Organic agricultural products

Draft of the Enforcement Rules for Organic Agriculture Promotion Act (3 page(s), in Chinese)

With a view to implementing the Organic Agriculture Promotion Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act), which will come into force on 30 May 2019, the Council of Agriculture is proposing the Draft Enforcement Rules for Organic Agriculture Promotion Act to provide further details in the following aspects:

1.  To provide additional definitions of terms (Articles 2-3);

2.  To specify the ratio of basic raw material content for organic agricultural processed products and agricultural products in conversion to organic farming (Article 4);

3.  To identify matters to be observed (including confidentiality) by the competent authority in performing supervisory activities under the Act (Articles 5-6);

4.  To specify methods of determining compliance of imported organic agricultural products with the requirements specified in Article 17 of the Act and the review procedures for announcing countries or WTO Members with organic equivalency (Articles 7-8);

5.  To specify the unit of containers or packaging where labelling is required (Article 9); and 

6.  To specify the types of information and records to be checked or sampled for inspection by the competent authority when performing their responsibilities (Article 10).