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Hygienic Mask

Draft Notification of the Committee on Labels, entitled Determination of Hygienic Mask as Label-Controlled Products; (3 page(s), in English), (2 page(s), in Thai)

This draft notification prescribes hygienic mask as label-controlled product. A Hygienic mask means a mask made from various materials that is used to cover the nose and mouth to prevent or filter small particles of dust, pollen, fog, and smoke, including a mask with the same objective, but excludes medical masks under the medical device law.

The label of label-controlled goods shall specify the statement, figure, artificial mark, or image as appropriate which shall not cause misunderstandings about the essence of the products and shall be displayed clearly visible and legible in Thai language or a foreign language accompanied by Thai language.

The details of label-controlled goods must be specified, such as name of category or type of product, name or trademark, name of the manufacturing country, usage, price, date of manufacture, and warnings.