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Notification of Ministry of Public Health to determine criteria and guideline for cosmetics refilling at refill station.; (8 page(s), in Thai)

In accordance with Bio-Circular-Green economy model, the Ministry of Public Heath proposes to allow refilling activity of certain cosmetics in-store/ refill station with the requirements of standards and controls by the draft of MOPH Notification B.E… issued by virtue of Cosmetics Act of B.E. 2558 (2015).

By the virtue of the article 5, article 6(1) (5) and (6) of Cosmetics Act of B.E. 2558 (2015) the Minister of Public Heath hereby issued the (draft) Notification as follows;

1. Prescribe definition of refilling cosmetics at refill station which is manufactured by transferring and changing package of cosmetic products at the refill station.

2. Specify the bulk product for refill shall be notified as general cosmetics before refilling process at the station and allowed for certain cosmetics such as fragrance and rinse-off products.

3. Notify the address of refill station/ in-store station shall be proceeded by Cosmetic manufacturers/importers in 2. Cosmetic manufacturers shall continuously comply with existing laws, rules, regulations, and standards of the Regulatory Authority.

4. Follow the general guidelines including premise, process, personnel, equipment and packaging are provided. Premises and equipment should be suitable for the intended purpose. They should be cleaned and sanitized, devices, equipment and installations involved in preparations and controls should be checked before each use, to make sure that they function as expected and all equipment is maintained clean and in good order

5. Prohibit to re-sale of the refilled cosmetic product.

6. Refill activity shall be conducted by trained personnel. Cosmetic manufacturers/staffs shall be responsible for educating the consumer regarding the product, such as but not limited to, safety information. Staffs shall ensure that the condition of the emptied product container is suitable and safe to use prior to refilling the product.