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Ventilators. Fans. Air-conditioners (ICS code(s): 23.120)

Draft Ministerial Regulation on Room air conditioner : energy efficiency (TIS 2134 –25XX); (21 page(s), in Thai)

The draft ministerial regulation mandates room air conditioner to conform with the standard for Room air conditioner: energy efficiency (TIS 2134 –25XX).

This standard covers the following:

- Room air conditioners with net total cooling capacity not exceeding 18000 W with rated voltage of 250 V for single phase air conditioners and rated voltage 600 V for multiphase air conditioners, including ducted air conditioners with net total cooling capacity less than 8000 W, intended to operate at external static pressure less than 25 Pa.

- Condensing unit and fan coil unit

This standard does not cover:

- Ducted air conditioners except for the above mentioned.

- Multiple split system air conditioners

- Portable air conditioners

- Air curtains

- Vehicle air conditioners

- Water cooled condenser air conditioners