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Hot-Rolled Flat Steel for Welded Structure

Draft Thai Industrial Standard for Hot-Rolled Flat Steel for Welded Structure (TIS 1499-2563 (2020)) (22 page(s), in Thai)

The Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) has proposed to withdraw the Thai Standard for Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel Coil Strip Plate and Sheet for Welded Structure (TIS 1499-2541 (1998)) and replaced it with Hot-Rolled Flat Steel for Welded Structure (TIS 1499-2563 (2020)) as a mandatory standard.

This standard covers hot-rolled flat steel including unalloyed and alloy steels used for welded structures such as bridges, ships, rolling stock, petroleum storage tanks, containers and other structures with especially high weldability.

This standard excludes:

1.       Other hot-rolled flat steels regulated as a mandatory standard such as the hot rolled flat steel for general structure (TIS 1479-2558 (2015)).

2.       The hot-rolled flat steel of applicable thickness over 200 mm. 

3.       The subsequent rerolling flat steel excluding applied by skin pass, temper rolling or roll forming process.