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  • 43 - Kraftfahrzeugtechnik

Special equipment for taxi vehicles that have special equipment instead of fare meters. These vehicles must be affiliated with one or more booking centres. The special equipment in the vehicle must gather information on the odometer value or cumulative distance driven, timestamp information, gather/provide information on the vehicle identification number, provide information on the equipment serial number and, in a secure manner, communicate with and transfer information to the technical equipment of the booking centre. The information must be capable of being stored until it has been transferred to the booking centre. The required demands concerns the authorities that will execute controls and certifications of equipment used.

Swedish Transport Agency regulations and general advice on special equipment for taxi vehicles (12 page(s), in Swedish)

The regulatory proposal contains requirements for the certification of special equipment for taxi vehicles, requirements for manufacturers of special equipment, requirements that apply to the special equipment to be used in taxi vehicles that do not have fare meters fitted, requirements that apply to accredited inspection bodies and requirements for checking the special equipment.