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Petroleum products

RTCA No. 75.01.19:05: Petroleum products: Regular petrol. Specifications

On 1 July 2005, the Government of the Republic of El Salvador notified, in document G/TBT/N/SLV/71, draft Central American Technical Regulation (RTCA) No. 75.01.19:05: "Petroleum products: Regular petrol. Specifications".

The description of content of the notified draft Regulation specifies the physical and chemical requirements to be met by regular petrol for use in motor vehicles. The notified draft text applies to the petroleum derivative known as regular petrol, which is formed from a complex mixture of different types of hydrocarbons (paraffinic, naphthenic, olefinic and aromatic) and has a distillation (boiling) range of between 30°C and 225°C. The purpose of the present Addendum is to notify WTO Member States that this Technical Regulation has been updated and that there will be a comment and observation period of 60 days as from the date of this notification.