SV El Salvador
  • 16 - Zubereitungen von Fleisch, Fischen, Krebstieren, Weichtieren oder anderen wirbellosen Wassertieren

SAC Codes 160.00.10 (bovine meat), 1601.00.20 (poultry), 1601.00.30 (pork), 1601.00.80 (other meats) and 1601.00.90 (mixture of meats)

NSO 67.02.13:97 Carne y Productos Cárnicos, Embutidos Crudos y Cocidos (Salvadoran Mandatory Standard (NSO) No. 67.02.13:97: Meat and meat products, raw and cooked sausages)

On 30 May 2022, the Government of El Salvador notified draft Salvadoran Technical Regulation (RTS) No. 67.05.02:22 "Meat. Processed meat products" in document G/SPS/N/SLV/17/Add.1, with a view to establishing the safety and quality specifications and characteristics for raw, cured and cooked meat products (including sausages), including poultry and game, intended for human consumption.

The purpose of the present Addendum is to notify WTO Members that an additional period of 30 days has been made available for the submission of comments/observations on this Technical Regulation.