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"Motor vehicle - Technical Requirements for Emergency Calls "eCall"; (17 page(s), in English)

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality (SASO) has prepared draft of the updated standard SASO 2944 , for "Motor vehicle - Technical Requirements for Emergency Calls "eCall" which concerned with development of technical requirements for emergency calls system in the motor vehicle, based on relevant International and National Foreign Standards and other references.

This standard is concerned with the Emergency calls and Connectivity Technical Requirements for new light duty vehicle (LDVs) imported to KSA.

The major changes related to this standard are :

- Including the 4G requirements and references -

- Exempting the vehicles produced in small series with an aggregated volume of less than 75 vehicles annually to be equipped with an eCall in- vehicle system. - Postpone the application date of the standard to be Starting from 01/01/2027. (The proposed enforcement date of the standard SASO 2944, based on calendar year )