RW Ruanda
  • 85 - Papierindustrie

Paper products in general (ICS code(s): 85.080.01)

DRS 554: 2023, Painting of buildings— Code of practice; (161 page(s), in English)

This Draft Rwanda Standard gives recommendations for good practice in initial painting and maintenance painting of buildings internally and externally, e.g. dwellings, offices, light industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels and public buildings generally, in which decoration is a significant and often the major factor.

It takes into account the need to protect many building materials against the weather or other forms of attack normally encountered.

The coatings referred to in this code are principally of conventional type, as defined in A.2, but limited reference is made to specialist coatings (A.3) and factory-applied coatings (A.4).

In respect of materials generally, the document does not cover in detail the wide and constantly increasing range available. Some materials have been excluded because of their obsolescence, limited or specialized

usage or, in the case of newly-developed products, lack of experience of their performance in service.

This document does not also cover:

a) decorative processes and other work usually carried out by specialists;

b) the particular requirements of listed or historic buildings

c) lime wash and distemper coatings;

d) preservative treatments for structural timber;

e) coatings for fire protection; and

f) general safety hazards of access for painting (Annex C).

The recommendations made in the code are intended to facilitate achievement of standards of finish likely to be acceptable in most cases in the types of buildings, providing that the work of other trades has been

completed to a satisfactory standard. Where especially high standards of finish are necessary, more elaborate processes and systems than those described in the code might be necessary and should be specified accordingly.