RW Ruanda
  • 91 - Bauwesen, Baustoffe
  • 68 - Waren aus Steinen, Gips, Zement, Asbest, Glimmer oder ähnlichen Stoffen

Building blocks and bricks (HS code(s): 681011); Construction materials in general (ICS code(s): 91.100.01)

DRS 514-1: 2022, Compressed earth blocks — Part 1: Definitions, classification and specifications; (43 page(s), in English)

This Draft Rwanda Standard applies to compressed earth blocks (CEBs) used for the construction of buildings for residential, public and related purposes. It gives the definitions of different types of CEBs and their classification. It also provides the requirements and test methods and the conformity criteria of the CEBs depending on their intended uses.

The standard does not apply to CEBs and CEMBs used for flooring or tiling, nor to CEBs or CEMBs designed to be assembled dry, interlocking, using glue-mortar, or used in reinforced masonry. The standard is not applicable in areas subject to earthquakes, floods or cyclones to an extent that requires the application of appropriate rules in order to avoid major damage.