RW Ruanda
  • 59 - Textil- u. Lederindustrie

Textiles (ICS 59.025.60)

DRS 314: 2021 Textiles — Tolerance requirements (19 page(s), in English)

This Rwanda Standard specifies tolerances for the following textiles:

a) cotton hosiery yarn, combed and carded;

b) cotton interlock piece goods;

c) cotton sewing thread;

d) footwear laces;

e) hand-knitting yarns (worsted);

f) hessian cloth;

g) loomstate cotton duck;

h) made-up articles (of woven cotton and similar piece goods);

i) manila, sisal, coir, and cotton ropes;

j) man-made fibre ropes;

k) men's half hose and three-quarter hose;

l) narrow fabrics (elastic and non-elastic);

m) polypropylene tape (on bobbins);

n) surgical dressings;

o) tarpaulins;

p) warp-knitted piece goods;

q) woven blankets (wool, wool blends and acrylic);

r) woven cotton and similar piece goods (e.g. polyester-and-cotton blends and polyester-and- rayon blends);

s) woven elastomeric fabrics;

t) woven polypropylene tape fabrics;

u) woven worsted piece goods, and similar piece goods (e.g. wool-and-polyester blends);

v) woven woolen piece goods); and

w) yarns and twines.