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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

Fruits, vegetables and derived products in general (ICS 67.080.01)

DRS 207: 2020 Code of hygienic practice for dried fruits (17 page(s), in English)

This standard applies to all fruits that have been dried by natural or artificial means or a combination of both. The fruit is dried to the extent that the greater part of the moisture has been removed and in addition the fruit may be subjected to a safe and appropriate treatment in preparation and packing, to permit marketing in normal trade channels. Fruits other than vine fruits prior to drying, if desired, and applicable for the particular fruit, may be cored, or pitted, sliced, diced, quartered, halved, or otherwise subdivided. This standard does not apply to fruits commonly known as "dehydrated fruits" with a moisture content not exceeding 5%.