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Draft Amendments to the Customs Union Technical Regulations "On safety of furniture production" (CU TR 025/2012) (17 page(s), in Russian)

The draft amendments include clarifications in the following parts:

The statement of subparagraph 5.1 of paragraph 5 of article 2 of CU TR 025/2012 "Definitions", the statement of Article 5 CU TR 025/2012 "Ensuring compliance with safety requirements", as well as amendments to article 6 of CU TR 025/2012 "Conformity assessment"; clarifications of conformity assessment procedures CU TR 025/2012 in terms of establishing forms, schemes and procedures for conformity assessment based on standard conformity assessment schemes approved by the decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission dated 18 April 2018 No. 44.