PY Paraguay
  • 35 - Eiweissstoffe; Erzeugnisse auf der Grundlage modifizierter Stärken; Klebstoffe; Enzyme

Casein (NCM 35.01)

Proyecto de Resolución del Grupo Mercado Común "Reglamento Técnico Mercosur de Identidad y Calidad de la Caseína Alimenticia (DEROGACIÓN DE LAS RES. GMC Nº 43/94) (Draft Common Market Group (GMC) Resolution: "MERCOSUR Technical Regulation on the identity and quality of casein) (Repeal of GMC Resolution No. 43/94) (5 pages, in Spanish)

The draft Resolution establishes the minimum quality and identity requirements to be met by casein for human consumption. It will apply in the territory of the States Parties, to trade among them and to imports from outside the MERCOSUR area.