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  • 77 - Metallurgie

Steel-black and Hot-dipped Zinc –Coated (Galvanized) Longitudinally Welded Steel Pipes (ICS Code 77.140.75)

Department Administrative Order (DAO) ___: The New Technical Regulations Concerning the Mandatory Product Certification of Steel-black and Hot-dipped Zinc–coated (Galvanized) Longitudinally Welded Steel Pipes (For Ordinary Uses) (30 page(s), in English)

This DAO prescribes Technical Regulations for Mandatory PS Licensing Scheme for steel-black and hot-dipped zinc–coated (Galvanized) longitudinally welded steel Pipes (For Ordinary Uses) products covered by Philippine National Standard (PNS) 26:2018 and its future amendments, whether locally manufactured or imported.