PE Peru
  • 10 - Getreide

Husked (brown) rice (HS Code(s): 1006.20); - Semi-milled or wholly milled rice, whether or not polished or glazed (HS Code(s): 1006.30); - Broken rice (HS code(s): 1006.40)

Proyecto de Reglamento de la Ley N° 31348, Ley que propone el enriquecimiento del arroz en el Perú (Draft regulations implementing Law No. 31348, Law providing for the enrichment of rice in Peru)

The purpose of the draft regulations is to establish the regulatory provisions of Law No. 31348, which provides for the enrichment of rice in Peru, which apply to domestic or foreign natural or legal persons (millers, importers, suppliers of social food programmes, etc.), involved in the rice production and consumption chain, within the framework of their competencies.